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Mel Kiper's NFL Draft Grade For Chiefs

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Mel Kiper has spent the last three months on ESPN hyping the 2012 NFL Draft prospects up and now that they've all found homes, Kiper has graded how every team did. The Chiefs, according to Kiper, received a C+.

Dontari Poe is one of the mysteries of the draft. He has the measurables ofHaloti Ngata, but when you roll the tape you think he's a player who could still be around in Round 3. Why does he go No. 11? He's the rarest of players, a possible solution as a 3-4 nose tackle. You can't rave about the value, but the pick made sense, and this was a top need.

I have a feeling we'll be talking about Poe just a few more times before the season, right?

I like the pick of Jeff Allen, a tackle from Illinois who should move inside to guard. Two picks, two needs down. After that it was a bit more scattershot, as you'd expect. I think Donald Stephenson has the upside of a starter at tackle, which is pretty good. Devon Wylie is a burner and will return kicks, where he's dangerous. Would have liked to see a value shot at either linebacker or safety.

My favorite picks in the draft are probably Allen and Stephenson. Allen is a future starter at guard, depending on what happens with Ryan Lilja. Stephenson can play the all-important swing tackle position. Wylie can play a couple of positions.

More draft analysis will be coming. I've settled on my final grade for the Chiefs and will be unveiling it soon (as you all wait in anticipation, right?).