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KC Chiefs Draft Michigan WR Junior Hemingway

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This is a great picture.
This is a great picture.

The Kansas City Chiefs have picked their second wide receiver of the 2012 NFL Draft. Michigan WR Junior Hemingway was the selection at No. 238 for the Chiefs. The Chiefs interviewed Hemingway at the 2012 NFL Combine.

Here are Hemingway's Combine stats: 4.53 (40-yd dash), 35.5" (vertical), 21 (bench), 6.59 (3-cone) 3.98 (20-yd shuttle), 11.16 (60-yd shuttle), 124.0" (broad jump).

Our Michigan blog Maize 'N Brew had this to say about Hemingway at the Combine:

Hemingway's trip ultimately hinged on his 40-time, so his best run of 4.53 seconds has to be viewed as a significant step in the right direction. Heck, some scouts weren't even convinced he would be able to break 4.60 (despite saying he would all along). Hemingway's supporting numbers, for a guy projected as a late round pick, were also quite a pleasant surprise. Only two players had more bench press reps at the receiver position, and not a single wideout in the class had a better three-cone or 20-yard shuttle time. The once-dubious task of proving that he is indeed an NFL-level athlete at receiver? Check.

We'll see how NFL ready Hemingway is. Wide receivers drafted in the seventh round are rarely more than camp bodies or special team only prospects.

That completes the 2012 NFL Draft for the Chiefs. Junior Hemingway approval poll is coming up soon. We'll have a recap post after that as well.

For now, thoughts on the Chiefs' final pick?