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Undrafted Free Agent Signings Coming Soon

The 2012 NFL Draft may be over but teams will continue adding players tonight. Those players who weren't drafted at all are what we call undrafted free agents. As soon as the draft ends, teams can start signing undrafted free agents to deals. The offers usually include some sort of signing bonus ranging from a few hundred bucks to $20,000 or more.

The Kansas City Chiefs were probably recruiting undrafted free agents as the end of the draft neared. This is similar to college recruiting in that the player can pick where he'll play. (And he'll get paid! Zing!)

The Chiefs should know plenty about undrafted free agents. Jovan Belcher, a current starter, is an undrafted free agent. So is Casey Wiegmann, one of the best centers over the last decade. And Brian Waters, too.

The Chiefs can have 90 players on their offseason roster now so that's 10 more than last year.

Any ideas on which positions the Chiefs will target with UDFAs? Maybe a quarterback? Running back? I can see some developmental offensive and defensive linemen brought into the fold.

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