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Chiefs Draft Picks 2012: WR Devon Wylie To Kansas City In Fourth Round

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The guys in the background are kind of creeping me out.
The guys in the background are kind of creeping me out.

With their first three draft picks, the Kansas City Chiefs went defensive line, offensive line and offensive line again. With the No. 107 overall pick in the fourth round, the Chiefs selected Fresno State WR Devon Wylie. He stands 5'9" and weighs 187 pounds.

Mocking the Draft put Wylie on their list of underrated wide receivers:

Few players in the draft are as quick as Devon Wylie. He accelerates very quickly in and out of his cuts, making him a terrific route runner. Add to that his reliable hands, and with some NFL strength training, Wylie could become a dangerous slot receiver.

I know next to nothing about Wylie but I really like this pick. Quick is an adjective I like hearing with these smaller slot guys. Plus, Matt Cassel needs all the offensive help he can get. Good choice by the Chiefs.

[Insert Wes Welker comparison here]

Wylie was not on the list of Chiefs draft interests.

The Chiefs remaining draft picks are No. 146 (5th round), No. 182 (6th round), No. 218 and No. 238 (7th round).