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2012 NFL Draft Results: Chiefs GM Recaps Rounds 2-3

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli spoke to the media on Friday night as the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft was ending. The Chiefs made two selections yesterday -- Illinois OT/G Jeff Allen and Oklahoma OT Donald Stephenson.

Pioli recapped the second and third rounds of the draft. Here's what he had to say...

Jeff Allen is probably going to be a guard. "More than likely," Pioli said. Allen could be a guard or a swing tackle. He said his body type is right on the minimum to be a tackle but perfect for a guard. Both are needs at this point so I see why this makes sense.

Donald Stephenson is an offensive tackle. He played on the left side at Oklahoma but is capable of playing on the right side as well. Stephenson is "not as advanced" as Allen, Pioli said, noting the difference in experience.

The Chiefs went into the day knowing they wanted a shot at drafting Jeff Allen. "When we went into the day, picking 12th, we said we hope Jeff Allen is available with our pick," Pioli said. A few other players they liked starting going off the board and Allen fell to them. Interesting that Pioli said they were targeting him. He said they turned the card in quickly and weren't too interested in listening to trade offers.

Best question from a reporter (Danny Clinkscale of 810 WHB): You don't seriously think Branden Albert or Eric Winston are going to be challenged for playing time do you?

The answer: not really. Branden Albert is still the starting tackle. So is Eric Winston. Pioli said that the draft picks know that as well but Allen and Stephenson will still contribute to the depth of the team.

Eric Winston hitting free agency did change the Chiefs draft board. The Chiefs didn't feel pushed into a corner on the offensive line because they had signed Winston. It allowed them to go more of a best player available thinking.