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2012 NFL Draft Best Players Available Entering Day 3

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The Kansas City Chiefs enter the third day of the 2012 NFL draft where we'll see rounds 4-7. The Chiefs have four five selections today: No. 107 (4th round), No. 146 (5th round), No. 182 (6th round), No. 218 and No. 238 (7th round).

There are still some solid players remaining on the third day of the draft. Remember, the Chiefs have a few starters on their team who were picked in the third round or later (like Kendrick Lewis).

I rounded up a few of the best players still available, using Mocking The Draft's best available list. Check out a few of the top guys left after the jump.
Quarterback: Kirk Cousins, Michigan State; B.J. Coleman, Tennessee-Chattanooga; Ryan Lindley, San Diego State

Cousins is still on the board. Hmm...I wonder if the Chiefs will consider him. He seems like a Chiefs-type of player.

Running back: Lamar Miller, Miami; Chris Polk, Washington; Robert Turpin, Utah State

Peyton Hillis is only under a one-year deal. The future of the running back position is far from certain. (Well, except for that Jamaal Charles dude.) The Chiefs worked Turpin out, so keep an eye on him.

Receiver: Dwight Jones, North Carolina; Marvin McNutt, Iowa; Joe Adams, Arkansas

There continues to be some buzz that the Chiefs could/should select a receiver. Mitch Holthus suggested this heading into day two of the draft, and others have said the same thing. I just don't see it. I'm not sure how many touches another receiver would get at this point.

Defensive tackle: Josh Chapman, Alabama; Alameda Ta'amu, Washington; Jared Crick, Nebraska

Dang. That's a lot of talent still available. Nose tackle is much less of a need right now with Dontari Poe going 11th overall. Defensive ends are a definite possibility.

Cornerback: Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska; Leonard Johnson, Iowa State; Brandon Boykin, Georgia

In the last three years the Chiefs have spent two fourth round picks and a second round pick on a cornerback. These are a few of the names to keep on the second day. Everyone loves those SEC players so Boykin could be a consideration.

Safety: Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State; George Iloka, Boise State; Antonio Allen, South Carolina

I figure the Chiefs will add some safety depth at some point.