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Donald Stephenson's Toughest College Opponent Is In The AFC West

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It's fitting that Donald Stephenson is coming to the AFC West.

AP user Tomahawk44 passes along this video of an interview with Oklahoma OT Donald Stephenson, the Kansas City Chiefs third round pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Asked the toughest player he went against, Stephenson said:
Von Miller was the toughest guy I went against. It was my first year starting in 2010. We played Texas A&M at A&M, which is a tough place to play. He had a pretty good game. I fought hard but I had some plays I wish I had back.
The stats show 1.5 sacks for Miller that day.

Stephenson may have to wait a while until he gets a chance to face Miller, now with the Denver Broncos. Seems to me Branden Albert and Eric Winston are still your starting tackles in 2012.