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Chiefs Visited With At Least 2 Of Their 3 Draft Picks

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The Kansas City Chiefs used their third round pick, No. 74 overall, on Oklahoma offensive tackle Donald Stephenson. Unlike the Chiefs second round pick, Jeff Allen, we do know that Stephenson and the Chiefs had some contact before the draft.

Stephenson visited at least six teams before the draft, including the Chiefs. KC also went to the Oklahoma pro day and saw him there. The Chiefs also hosted Stephenson for their local pro day. That's at least three points of contact with him, not counting all the things that matter, like scouting his actual games.

But Stephenson still said after the draft that he was surprised the Chiefs took him.

The Chiefs also visited with Dontari Poe, the team's first round pick, so that's at least two of the first three picks that visited KC before the draft. We don't know whether Jeff Allen visited the Chiefs or not.

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