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Chiefs Draft Picks: 10 Things To Remember

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The Kansas City Chiefs have now made three picks in the 2012 NFL draft -- Memphis DT Dontari Poe (14), Illinois G Jeff Allen (44) and Oklahoma OT Donald Stephenson (74).

Lots of interesting things to talk about with these picks, starting with....

Day two of the draft is Pioli's sweet spot for offensive linemen. Two years ago it was Jon Asamoah, who is now a starting guard. Last year it was Rodney Hudson, who will likely become the starting center. This year it's Jeff Allen, a potential guard, and Donald Stephenson, an offensive tackle. Two of those guys are already starters are one, possibly both, of the 2012 picks could turn into starters.

The Chiefs haven't been involved in any trades, yet. In 2009, Pioli's second round pick was used to acquire Matt Cassel. In 2010, the Chiefs traded up to get Tony Moeaki in the third round. In 2011, the Chiefs traded back in round one and used that extra third round pick on Justin Houston. So far, there haven't been any trades for the Chiefs in the 2012 draft. There was some interest in the first round pick but the Chiefs didn't bite. I'm sure there were opportunities to move around in the second and third round, too. The trade activity isn't as interesting once you get into the later rounds.

The Chiefs first three draft picks weigh 964 pounds. This according to the KC Star's fitness reporter, Kent Babb. Seems to be the Chiefs put a focus on the big guys this year, especially depth at offensive line. The Chiefs were burned on injuries last year and I think they were smart to make sure the same didn't happen along the offensive line. I like the philosophy.

The criticism of the Chiefs draft: You draft sure things in the first round and you draft playmakers, not depth in the second and third round .

Still no cornerbacks picked for the Chiefs. Pioli has picked one between the second and fourth round in all three drafts he's been apart of in Kansas City. The Chiefs do seem like they're OK at cornerback for the moment. Brandon Flowers and Stanford Routt are your starters while they'll be supplemented by Travis Daniels, Javier Arenas and Jalil Brown. We're also waiting to see if the Chiefs can hit on a cornerback in the mid rounds. So far, little evidence either way.

Donald Stephenson is a local guy. He went to Blue Springs high school, which means I'll have to be repping my alma mater, Rockhurst, when I talk to him. This could quite the rivalry between us, folks.

Still no inside linebacker has been picked. We thought adding competition next to Derrick Johnson at inside linebacker would be a priority but through three rounds it hasn't been. That was commonly one of the needs thrown around for the Chiefs (and why Luke Kuechly was considered). I think was is probably a need, but similar to most of the Chiefs needs in that it's not exactly a glaring problem. The Chiefs could be content to let Jovan Belcher and Brandon Siler battle it out. Throw Cory Greenwood in there, too.

Keep an eye on the running backs in the fourth round. I see some talent there. The Chiefs have Peyton Hillis on a one-year deal so they're definitely not set for the longterm there. I can see them adding a running back to pair with Jamaal Charles down the road. Chris Polk is a possibility. Texas A&M Cyrus Gray is out there, too. So is Lamar Miller out of Miami, the top rated player left on Mocking The Draft's board.

The rest of the Chiefs draft picks: No. 107 (4th round), No. 146 (5th round), No. 182 (6th round), No. 218 and No. 238 (7th round).

I said I'd have 10 things to remember. But I'm really tired and going to bed. So instead I leave you with this GIF of Chris, apparently at yet another photo shoot. What's with this guy?