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Dontari Poe's Standing Among Chiefs 1st Round Picks Under Scott Pioli

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So I'm reading Sam Mellinger's column at the Kansas City Star this morning and he has this line about the Chiefs picking Dontari Poe with the 11th overall selection:

This may be the most instantly and universally despised first-round pick in Chiefs history, and that's saying something. Even players that eventually turned into busts were given more of a chance by fans and media than what we saw in the minutes following Poe's selection.

And right away I think that's pushing it. Is Dontari Poe really less popular of a selection than Tyson Jackson, the third overall pick, back in 2009?

As it turns out, Sam isn't so crazy. Or less crazy, if you will.

I went back and checked on our approval polls immediately after the Chiefs four first rounds picks under GM Scott Pioli. The numbers aren't scientific, of course (unless you're a news organization looking to interview me. Then, yes, they are scientific.)

Check out the results in this table:

Year Pick Votes Approve Do Not Approve Not Sure
2012 Dontari Poe 3,277 34% 34% 31%
2011 Jonathan Baldwin 1,697 74% 7% 17%
2010 Eric Berry 2,653 94% 3% 2%
2009 Tyson Jackson 918 41% 37% 21%

Less Chiefs fans approved of Dontari Poe but more people did not approve of Tyson Jackson.

Also of note: Eric Berry is a badass.

Our approval ratings of a particular pick don't mean a guy will be a good or bad player but I find the reactions to the picks pretty interesting. Here's to being wrong this year...