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Chiefs Keep Streak Of 1st Round Picks Visiting KC

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The Kansas City Chiefs have kept the streak going. In GM Scott Pioli four drafts in KC, the Chiefs have visited with every first round pick they end up drafting. This isn't unusual for teams as most will visit with the player they pick but it's an interesting trend developing with Pioli.

It had already been reported that Poe visited the Chiefs and in an interview with 810 WHB's Border Patrol on Friday morning Poe confirmed that he met with Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel before the draft.

"Yeah I did," Poe said, "I went on a visit with him. It was probably the best visit I had just from a personal standpoint because he talks to you about more than football. He just wants to know about family, and how things are going. Everyone knows how good of a coach he is but he's probably a better person."

A theme we've heard often from Chiefs players this year under new head coach Romeo Crennel. Poe said he wasn't sure who would draft him after he made his visits but he did like his time with Crennel (as if he'd say anything different now that Crennel is his head coach).