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Chiefs Draft Pick Dontari Poe Was Going To Rip Your Head Off Anyway

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Ah, the NFL draft process. You build some players up and then you tear some players down. That's the way it goes.

For Dontari Poe, it was the latter.

As time went on it seemed more and more people caught onto the criticism that his game tape isn't as strong as you might think it is. That was the big knock on Poe that had some reports say he was sliding down draft boards as the first round of the NFL draft neared.

A day before the draft, though, Poe was quoted by as saying he's using that criticism as motivation.

"As of right now, I have an unlimited amount of motivation because of what I've been hearing through the press," Poe said. "It will motivate me more. But to say that it will be the ultimate factor in me trying to rip someone's head off because of the draft, you know, I was planning on doing that anyway."

That's a pretty awesome quote.