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2nd Round NFL Draft Order: Chiefs Picking 44th

With the first round of the 2012 NFL draft over, it's time to move onto the second round. If you missed it, here are the first round draft results. I've posted the second round draft order after the jump.

The Chiefs have the 44th pick of the draft, which is the 12th pick in the second round. Similar to the first round, we really have no idea which way they'll go. I can see the argument for an offensive lineman here, as SB Nation's Mocking The Draft predicted in their second round mock draft.

I can see an inside linebacker here as well, and possibly a defensive end. The Chiefs have picked a mid-round quarterback in every draft under GM Scott Pioli so that's a possibility as well. Depth moves at running back and receiver are possibilities as well. Quarterbacks are on the board as well.

Check out the draft order after the jump. The 12th spot in the second round isn't a bad place to be. Several players of interest should fall to the Chiefs.

1. (33) Rams
2. (34) Colts
3. (35) Ravens (From Vikings)
4. (36) Broncos (From Buccaneers)
5. (37) Browns
6. (38) Jaguars
7. (39) Rams (From Redskins)
8. (40) Panthers
9. (41) Bills
10. (42) Dolphins
11. (43) Seahawks
12. (44) Chiefs
13. (45) Rams (From Cowboys)
14. (46) Eagles
15. (47) Jets
16. (48) Patriots (From Raiders)
17. (49) Chargers
18. (50) Bears
19. (51) Eagles (From Cardinals)
20. (52) Titans
21. (53) Bengals
22. (54) Lions
23. (55) Falcons
24. (56) Steelers
25. (57) Broncos
26. (58) Texans
27. (59) Packers
28. (60) Ravens
29. (61) 49ers
30. (62) Patriots
31. (63) Giants

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