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Chiefs Had Two Trade Offers Before Picking Dontari Poe

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So the Kansas City Chiefs did have trade offers to move back. GM Scott Pioli spoke to reporters after the 2012 NFL draft last night and he said that the Chiefs had two trade offers on the table when they decided to select Memphis DT Dontari Poe.

Here's what Pioli said:

"The fact is we like this player, we really like this player," Pioli said. "There were opportunities to maybe to trade up but would've cost too much and then there were opportunities where we could've moved back. We had two sound opportunities to trade back and not take this player but chose not to because we wanted this player. We felt, based on where we think some of the help is needed on defense, we thought this was the right pick to make."

It's impossible to judge which move was the right one when we don't know the offers. Other teams could've been interested in Poe, or another player on the board.

But I would be curious what those offers were.