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VIDEO: Dontari Poe's NFL Combine Workout

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One of the major story lines with Dontari Poe entering the 2012 NFL draft on Thursday night was his impressive NFL Combine workout in Indianapolis earlier this year. Poe ran the 40-yard dash and repped 225 pounds 44 times. He's a large man, 346 pounds, but moved well in the Underwear Olympics and the draft experts were impressed. So, too, apparently were the Chiefs.

I posted a video of a portion of his workout below since we'll be talking about it more.

Here is his player page for the NFL Combine.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel mentioned that4.9 40-yard dash a couple of times on Thursday night as an indicator of his athleticism. No, defensive tackles don't usually run 40 yards but I think some of his other numbers are impressive for his size.