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Romeo Crennel's Take On Chiefs Draft Pick Dontari Poe

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The first criticism that probably came to everyone's mind when the Kansas City Chiefs picked Memphis DT Dontari Poe with the 11th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft is why a guy like Poe, who is physically impressive, wasn't able to dominate the competition in college. The knock on Poe is that the game tape isn't as impressive as his Combine showing would make you think.

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel was asked about Poe's college production at his post-pick press conference on Thursday night. The video can be seen on Here's what he said:

"Because he played every down at 350 pounds and he played every position along the line in the game. He's playing a 9-technique, he's playing a 7-technique, 5-technique, 3-technique, 1-technique, 2-technique and head up on the nose sometimes. He's a jack-of-all-trades so it's hard to be good at any one thing when you're doing all those things. As a result of it, what they did was try to let him use his ability. They ran some stunts, they ran him up the field. They did some things with him against spread offenses where the ball is coming out pretty quick and he wasn't able to have the production that everyone wants him to have right away. I think when we get him here and get him in one spot we'll see this guy improve and he'll be productive and be a good player."

I see his point but I guess I'm having trouble reconciling a couple of things the Chiefs are saying: they view Poe as a 3-down player yet he wasn't more productive in college because he played all three downs. I suppose we'll have plenty of time to untangle those two things.