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Chiefs Had A Dontari Poe Smoke Screen Before The Draft

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Everyone knows about the smokescreen on Eric Berry in the 2010 NFL draft. Peter King of quoted Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff only days before the draft saying he talked with Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and Pioli indicated that selecting a safety with the fifth overall pick was too high.

I think we were duped once again by the Chiefs. Earlier this offseason and again last week, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel indicated that the Chiefs would probably wait until after the NFL draft to find a nose tackle. In an appearance on 610 Sports last week, Romeo said:

"We signed a young kid, [Jerrell] Powe, we're gonna have to see how he's gonna do," Crennel said. "[Anthony]Toribio is still here. Amon Gordon is still here. So then we're going to look into this draft and see if there's anything there. And then there are still some free agents there. We might until after the draft to finalize that spot."

Did Romeo just smoke screen us? Damn. Didn't even see it coming.