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Poll Results On The Next KC Chiefs Player

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I figured I'd cut out the results of this poll at 2,000 votes, even though people are still voting. We asked who the Kansas City Chiefs will select in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft and the leading vote-getter isn't even a player -- it's trading out.

29 percent of the 2,000 voters said the Chiefs will trade the 11th overall pick. 23 percent said David DeCastro and 19 percent said Luke Kuechly. 12 percent said Alabama safety Mark Barron.

It's also possible the Chiefs trade the pick and select one of the players listed in the poll. That would require GM Scott Pioli and the Chiefs to have a good understanding of the players each team could potentially pick. With all the draft rumors out there, that has to be a hard job.

I think the lesson with this is that you need to tell your significant other, Ms. Primetime in my case, that you may be up later tonight than you previously thought.