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2012 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Like Mark Barron, Too

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In the last 36 hours a number of media outlets have started connecting the Kansas City Chiefs to Alabama safety Mark Barron with the 11th pick in the 2012 NFL draft. We think there's a decent chance Barron could fall to the Chiefs and the 11th pick but several reports are now coming out saying the Buffalo Bills, who pick one spot ahead of the Chiefs, also really like Barron.

From WGR 550 in Buffalo:

Ultimately, I think Mark Barron is the guy the Bills' desire. My league source tells me the Bills view Barron as a "playmaker" and "day-one starter." Chris Brown of believes that the team views Barron as a "once-in-a-generation safety." Bills scout Darrell Moody called Barron a "complete player," and someone that's good against running backs and tight ends in coverage. He's been linked to the Bills by Peter King, Michael Lombardi, Adam Schefter and Nolan Nawrocki.

If Barron isn't available, then Boston College's Luke Kuechly probably will be. The Bills have been connected to both players. I think I'd prefer Kuechly over Barron based mostly on position of need but the Chiefs could do a lot worse than one of those two players. (Or the other dozen they've been connected to.)