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Romeo Crennel Says Chiefs Will Take Best Player Available

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel talked with Josh Looney on this week and the result is this video interview. If you expected Crennel to give out any legitimate hints about who the Chiefs will draft, then you just don't know the Chiefs very well.

On the type of players the Chiefs are looking for, Crennel said:

For the Chiefs, we're always looking for smart, tough, competitive football players. So whatever position they play if they have those qualities about them then we're interested in them.

And who they might target:

As we've gone through the offseason and with free agency we filled some needs. I think we've put ourselves in position to take the best player available. At this 11th spot, there should be several players we're going to be interested in and then which one we think can help us the most that's the one we'll take.

Rinse and repeat those words every hear.