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Undrafted Free Agents Will Be Coming Soon, Too

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There's one part of the 2012 NFL draft that often gets overlooked until it's right in your face -- undrafted free agency. As soon as the NFL draft ends on Saturday night, teams can start signing undrafted free agents, who are exactly who you think they are -- players who weren't drafted. They're like free agents in that they can sign with any team they want.

Teams will do some recruiting of potential undrafted free agents during the draft process, letting them know that they're interested if the player doesn't get drafted. So the Kansas City Chiefs probably have a target list in mind when it comes to undrafted free agents.

As the draft is winding down on Saturday, the Chiefs will start making recruiting calls to those undrafted free agents.

Among the notable undrafted free agents for the Chiefs are LB Jovan Belcher, a two-year starter, and DE Brandon Bair, who spent the entire 2011 season on the active roster. Belcher, in particular, was a great find in undrafted free agency. You can find a guy like that every year that falls through the cracks in the NFL draft process.

Give me a few potential undrafted free agents the Chiefs should be keeping an eye on come this weekend.