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2012 NFL Draft: Michael Floyd Now Linked To KC Chiefs

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We have yet another post involving the Kansas City Chiefs and receivers in the 2012 NFL draft. Earlier this morning, Pro Football Talk reported that there are rumors circulating that Bowe could end up signing his franchise tender because the Chiefs are considering drafting a receiver in the NFL draft. Shortly after that, NFL Network's Jason La Canfora disputed that and reported Bowe does not plan to sign his franchise tender.

Now, La Canfora has another receiver-related nugget -- the Chiefs apparently "love" Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd.

He very well could be available with the 11th overall pick. Floyd is considered the second best receiver in the draft behind Justin Blackmon.

As usual, you have to keep in mind the possibility that this is a smokescreen. The Chiefs could be pushing this information out in order to make other teams believe they're willing to take Floyd, and hoping someone trades up for him. Or maybe this is part of the apparent push to get Bowe to sign his franchise tender.

Or maybe the Chiefs really do love Michael Floyd. That would really throw things through a loop.

(H/T Larryemcdaniel)