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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Party Plans

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I was up in New York the last couple of days doing some NFL draft stuff with a few of our sponsors but now I'm back home in Kansas City preparing for the NFL draft. I'll be spending draft night at the Arrowhead Pride headquarters.

Season ticket holder event at Arrowhead. Previously, this was open to everyone (for a fee) but this year it's just season ticket holders. It seems to me the Chiefs are trying to make season tickets more attractive by doing exclusive parties, like the draft day one at Arrowhead, and giving away free Nike jerseys to season ticket holders. GM Scott Pioli and owner Clark Hunt will be among those addressing the crowd. Players in attendance include Kendrick Lewis, Dexter McCluster and Tony Moeaki.

The other draft day party is at the 810 Zone in Leawood. For those of you without season tickets, this replaces the old draft party at Arrowhead. That party starts at 5:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time). Derrick Johnson will also be in attendance at this party.

But you'll also need to be participating in the Arrowhead Pride live blog during the draft. Chris will be manning the site for most of the night while I contribute over at Join in on the conversation during the draft, where we'll have roughly a gazillion comments on the site tonight.

If you missed it one of our other three posts, BJ Kissel has the latest video on the Arrowhead Pride YouTube channel talking about draft day plans.