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KC Chiefs Are A 'Sleeper' Team In 2012 NFL Draft

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John Clayton went on ESPN and said the Kansas City Chiefs are a "sleeper" team in the 2012 NFL draft. I'm not sure exactly what that means -- maybe that no one really knows what they're going to do, which I don't think anyone does.

That's been one of the themes of this year's draft with the Chiefs -- we really have no idea. I can make an argument for seven or eight different players at the 11th pick, and that's before we even talk about trading down, which I think is a legitimate possibility as well.

It was a few months ago but GM Scott Pioli indicated to Jack Harry back in January that he probably wouldn't trade up in the draft citing the cost of surrendering other draft picks. So I don't think the Chiefs trade up. But trade down? Yeah, I think that's a possibility. I also think they can easily stay at the 11th pick and choose from a number of good players, like Luke Kuechly or David DeCastro or Mark Barron.

In 2009, Tyson Jackson was a bit of a surprise pick but days before the draft both Michael Lombardi and Peter King talked about the Chiefs interest in him. This year, a similar pattern is playing out with Barron, who's name wasn't on the radar until this week. Some food for thought.

Anyone remember a draft when we had such little idea as to what the Chiefs were going to do?