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2012 NFL Draft: Who Do The Chiefs Want To Fall To Them?

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By now you know that I think the best option for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2012 NFL draft is to trade down. I just don't think there's a "sure thing" at No. 11 (outside of David DeCastro) so I think the best move for KC would be to trade down if at all possible.

And if the Chiefs want to trade back, they should be hoping Ryan Tannehill or Mark Barron fall to the 11th pick, according to Peter King of
It's likely Tannehill goes to Miami at No. 8, obviously. If he doesn't, I don't see how he gets past the 11th pick. Not that Kansas City will take Tannehill; I don't believe the Chiefs will. But GM Scott Pioli will have interest in dealing down from 11 (he moved from 21 to 26 last year for a third-round pick), and if Tannehill or Barron is here, I guarantee he'll get a taker for the pick.
The 11th pick is also attractive because of the way contracts are structured in the new CBA. Without getting too technical, the final year in the contract for the 11th pick, versus those in the top 10, is a lot cheaper. There's probably a reason GM Scott Pioli explained the contract payouts in the new CBA -- it got us writing about how attractive the 11th pick is versus the 10th.

Tannehill probably won't fall all the way to the 11th pick, though stranger things have happened. And the Bills reportedly like Mark Barron, but we can't tell whether that's legit or not.

Here's to hoping a number of good players drop so that the Chiefs can maximize a potential trade down.