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Report On Dwayne Bowe And The Franchise Tag Is Disputed

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Earlier this morning, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk passed along a rumor which suggested Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe could soon sign his franchise tender out of fear that the Chiefs would draft a receiver in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft and rescind his franchise tag. The content of the report suggested that this came from the team so we expected a rebuttal from Bowe's camp and now we have it.

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports that Bowe has no plans to sign the franchise tag today, or anytime soon.

Frankly, Bowe's best move would be to sign the franchise tag sooner rather than later. The Chiefs own his rights and I doubt they'll be rescinding his franchise tag, despite the PFT report. It's in Bowe's best interest to have the best possible 2012 season so that he can increase his leverage as he enters free agency in 2013. The way to do that is be in attendance for the entire offseason program. Skipping offseason workouts puts his development at risk which could then lower his leverage next year.

On the other hand, I have to recognize that Bowe's only source of leverage at the moment is to avoid camp. The Chiefs probably want him there and, even if it's not much leverage, skipping workouts may push the Chiefs towards wanting to do a deal with him.

That's my opinion on all of this. What's yours?