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NFL Reportedly Considering Canceling The Pro Bowl

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According to an ESPN report, the 2013 Pro Bowl is "likely" to be suspended and future games could be in jeopardy as well. Chris Mortensen reports that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is strongly considering canceling the game due to the poor quality of play in recent Pro Bowls.

Sources say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has previously voiced his displeasure with the lack of competitiveness of recent Pro Bowl games, is strongly considering suspending this year's game, sources say.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says no decisions have been made yet regarding the game.

Re reports on Pro Bowl, we have been in discussions w/the NFLPA about Pro Bowl's future. No decision has been made on this season's game.

This really wouldn't matter to me. The Pro Bowl is one of the most boring games of the year and I rarely make it through the entire thing.