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Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Draft Has David DeCastro Heading To KC

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it's draft day and we still don't have a very good idea of which way the Kansas City Chiefs are going. One of the predictions that's consistently been popping up is Stanford's David DeCastro, which is the player Mel Kiper sends to the Chiefs in his lastest 2012 NFL mock draft.

Kiper writes:

I have guard down as a top need for the Chiefs, and DeCastro will fix that problem immediately. This is as elite as you'll get from this position. He's the best guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson, and is the kind of player who improves your running game overnight. Not a tough call.

In his mock, Luke Kuechly is already gone but Mark Barron, a rumored Chiefs draft interest, remains on the board.

We often say GM Scott Pioli likes to go for the "safe" pick and I'm not sure they get much safer than DeCastro, who is projected to be a longtime starting guard in the NFL. This seems to be one of the favorite picks from the fans and I can see why.

If you went back in time to the 1993 NFL draft, would pick Will Shields in the first round? I would.