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Chiefs Director Of Pro Personnel Ray Farmer Speaks About NFL Draft Process

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Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer

After four seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, Ray Farmer has now been with the Kansas City Chiefs as the Director of Pro Personnel for the last six years. This means that Farmer has been here for the pre- and post-Scott Pioli years. Josh Looney at the Mothership recently sat down with Farmer to discuss his feelings on draft day.

"I like to say I haven't had a real job yet because I love what I do," says Farmer. "When you are committed to what you're doing as far as your job, it makes it easier. I haven't had a chance to really settle into it being work. I enjoy coming in. I enjoy watching the players. I enjoy trying to figure out who the better players are in the draft that will make our football team better. In that process, it makes it fun. The excitement of it is you finally get to select some football players that you've done your homework on -- you've done the background work, you know who he is and he can make your football team better."

Farmer also says that the draft is the toughest part of the offseason process. He much prefers to evaluate pro players from other teams or guys who have been in the league already since the transition is a major question mark.

"I think it never stops," he says. "You're constantly looking for ways to improve your roster. Guys that have already been in the league, that's an easier way to upgrade. To me, the draft is a hard process. I think that's why we have so many college scouts who spend so many resources on trying to figure those kids out. But once you're in the NFL, you are what you are playing against pro level players."

The rest of the video finds Farmer commenting on the role of character concerns and what sort of offseason action the front office will move to after the NFL Draft is complete. Check out the rest of the video here.