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2012 NFL Draft: KC Chiefs Fans Say O-Line Or LB

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You know it's NFL draft season when we're getting 3,000+ votes in our polls. Lots of attention on football means more traffic which means more participation in our polls.

The KC Chiefs poll we ran yesterday has some interesting results. We asked: Which position will the Chiefs take with their first round pick?

The results...

The leader, by far, was offensive line with 38 percent of the vote. That'd be your David DeCastro, mostly. Or, as I picked in the SB Nation bloggers mock draft, an offensive tackle. (The only thing less popular than my first round pick was my second round pick.)

Second place was linebacker, which is probably Luke Kuechly, with 25 percent of the vote. He seems to be the most popular pick for the CHiefs among mock drafts right now and I'd put my money on him as well.

Defensive line was up next with 18 percent of the vote. That's your nose tackle (Dontari Poe) or a defensive end. No surprise there.

Following that, 10 percent the Chiefs won't pick in the first round -- they'll trade out. Two percent of the vote said secondary would be the pick, which is a low number. Someone who knows football better than I recently made the case for Mark Barron to the Chiefs. Only two percent said quarterback, which is Ryan Tannehill. It seems Tannehill-to-KC is losing steam.