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How Good Can The Chiefs Defense Be In 2012?

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Back at the end of the 2009 season, the Kansas City Chiefs stomped the Denver Broncos, 44-24, in the final game of the regular season. KC wasn't in the playoffs but it was good momentum heading into the next season, a playoff season for the Chiefs.

The momentum carried over from one season to the next in that instance. Will the KC Chiefs defense see the same momentum from one season to another?

I'm not sure if a lot of people outside of Kansas City realize this, but the Chiefs defense has the potential to be very, very good this year. Like one of the best in the league (assuming I'm not jinxing it).

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson was asked by the media on Tuesday whether the momentum they experience at the end of last season can carry over.

"I think the momentum definitely carries over, especially when you keep the core group of guys that we kept here, linebackers and defensive linemen and guys like that. That's definitely going to carry over. We're playing with pretty much the same guys we played with last year. We're just going to add a few pieces and try to get better, that's the main thing. If we can get better, we'll be a pretty good defense."

Not many spots are changing in the Chiefs defense. Nose tackle, if Kelly Gregg doesn't come back, which he could. Cornerback with Brandon Carr's exit. Eric Berry will be back. This defense can be really good, folks.