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Eric Winston Calls Ryan Lilja The Leader Of The Offensive Line

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New Kansas City Chiefs RT Eric Winston spoke to the media on Tuesday out at Arrowhead Stadium and, after reading his words transcribed, I can already tell he'll be a fan and media favorite. He answers things thoroughly and not in a way that sounds like he's answered the same question 50 times that day. It's good stuff.

He was asked by Josh Looney of fame about the importance of the offensive line meshing together and one thing I found interesting is that he said Ryan Lilja was clearly the leader of the room among the offensive linemen. That's interesting because some, like me, have wondered if the Chiefs could draft another guard and cut Lilja. Not saying that will or won't happen based on what Winston said but I found him saying that interesting.

The full answer below...

"Continuity is everything on the offensive line. I really believe that. I think we were successful in Houston because a lot of those guys not only practiced together and did that stuff together, but we did a lot of stuff outside of the field. We went to a lot of dinners together, we did a lot of things, just little events, we'd go bowling, whatever it was. We did a lot of things together, and it's important because there's going to be times where you have to tell the guy next to you something he probably doesn't want to hear and vice versa. They're going to have to tell me stuff that I don't want to hear, and it's hard to do that if you're not close, if you're not friends, if you don't have that personal relationship.

"That's something that I'm looking forward to trying to cultivate here, and I tell you what, being in the meeting room, you can tell that they already have it. Ryan Lilja is going to be our leader, I think, in that room. He's a veteran guy that's won a Super Bowl before. He knows how to do it. You've also got guys like Jon Asamoah and Branden Albert, who are young players but I think they are going to be really good players. Obviously, [Rodney] Hudson is going to have to fill some big shoes for [Casey] Wiegmann. I see no reason why we can't develop that same kind of continuity and same kind of leadership and everything that goes into being a top offensive line in this league."