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Ramblings of an Idiot: Link Something Positive

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LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 14:  NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon (center) during the IndyCar Charity Blackjack Tournament presented by AirMed on October 14, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 14: NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon (center) during the IndyCar Charity Blackjack Tournament presented by AirMed on October 14, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)
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The Saints players involved in the bounty scandal will be disciplined "soon" according to the NFL commissioner. He won't take into account any argument that the players were just doing what their coaches told them to do. (As if anyone would believe that steaming pile of B.S. when there are reports abound of players tossing big money into the pool.) But that's not all the trouble for the Saints. Reports have leaked that Loomis may have had the ability to listen in on the opposing teams locker room from 2002 through 2004 by use of a rewired electronic device.

This all comes on the heels of a year long suspension for their head coach, a six month suspension for the general manager, and an indefinite suspension for the former defensive coordinator. The Saints have also lost half a million dollars to fines, and two second round draft picks due to the scandal known as "Bounty-Gate."

Jerome Simpson, the yet unsigned Bengals free agent, faces a three game ban for violation of the NFL substance abuse policy. Deion Sanders' wife has been arrested on assault charges. The talented corner-back Revis is once again threatening a hold out for a new contract. The Green Bay Packers have cut their starting left tackle just two days before the draft. Dawkins has announced his retirement from football, leaving Denver with a bigger hole in the secondary.

The top rated running back in the draft, Richardson, didn't participate at the combine and was unavailable at his Alabama pro day due to a recent knee surgery. It was not his first knee surgery. He could carry some long term durability concerns. Andrew Luck's throwing motion is long, and could lead to additional problems with ramming his hand into the helmet of defenders and missing time if he can't shorten up the follow through. Mike Adams tested positive for marijuana at the combine. Burfict's long list of cheap fouls and stacked up penalties coupled with his poor showing at the combine and his pro-day have added serious questions about his maturity and NFL readiness. Nebraska's Alfonso Dennard, projected by some to be drafted in the late second round, was arrested five days before the draft for punching a police officer. All the NFL negative news just goes on and on....and on.....and on......

Is it draft day yet? Have the camps started? Does the week leading up to the draft always have to be dominated by saddening or angering stories? Are you tired of it all yet?

I'm going to forgo my usual Ramblings this week and instead ask you to spend some time surfing around the internet reading positive NFL news. Very few news outlets ever report on all the good things that various NFL players and organizations are involved with. I think it's high time that we all step back from the negativity and read something uplifting about our favorite players and sport.

Don't worry, the draft will be over in five days and we can all go back to reading the looping train wreck that is NFL off season national news coverage. For now though, spend an hour or two embracing the love. You'll thank me for it. Besides, what else are you going to do? Re-tweak the 34th version of your mock draft in time for Thursday? How pathetic!

Braylon Edwards has setteled his lawsuit out of court and donated the money to charity.

In early February NFLformer players and Wounded Warriors played in a game supported completely by donations.

Tory Smith and Anthony Armstrong organize a Ravens vs. Redskins themed charity game.

The Players Wifes Association (PWA) raise thousands of dollars for local and national charitable organizations.

Fitzergald and Boldin reunite in a tour across Easst Africa. Kurt Warner interested in getting involved.

If those few stories aren't enough to offset all the negativity surrounding the NFL in the last few months, these should help: Direct links to the NFL Players Association charity news page, and NFL Charities homepage.

I'll return next week with a "normal" Ramblings post (as if anyone has every described me or anything I write as normal) but it's been a tough week for me. I needed a break to remind myself that the entire world doesn't have evil overflowing from their soles. (No that's not spelled wrong. Jeesh... go read some other Ramblings posts if you don't know why that's the correct spelling)

My challenge to you is to find something positive that involves the NFL in some way and link it in the comments. I need more things to read to get me through until Thursday night.

***side note: Not one single picture in the Media & Assets images catelog is flagged with the search terms Charity, Fundraiser, Giving Back, Donation, or even Help. More proof that the national media doesn't bother covering these things at all. (/sadface)