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In A 2008 Re-Draft, Jamaal Charles > Darren McFadden

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In the 2008 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders selected RB Darren McFadden, who has had a decent career to this point. Pro Football Focus went back and re-drafted the 2008 NFL draft and, instead of McFadden, the Raiders select a guy you may know -- Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles.

Key Stat: Just 549 carries since being drafted as he's had trouble staying healthy.

Notes: McFadden has looked very good at times, and he's one of those backs who are a genuine homerun threat, but the lack of time on the field and him being something of a boom-or-bust runner makes you just want more out of him.

Re-Draft: If you need a running back you probably want to take the best available right? That's Jamaal Charles.

And the Chiefs got Charles in the third round. Heck of a value.

Remember when we thought Charles was a bust? He was inactive for a game in the 2009 season (against the Raiders, coincidentally) and that was the first sign that the Chiefs speedy running back may be a bust.

And then LJ got hurt and the rest, as they say, is history.

(H/T groundedchevy)