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2012 NFL Draft: Ryan Tannehill Has 'No Clue' Where He'll Land

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Considering how often Ryan Tannehill is talked about around here, we haven't heard from him very often. Luckily, 610 Sports changed that on Monday morning. Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison got Tannehill on the radio on Monday afternoon and you can listen to the audio here.

A few nuggets from the interview:

  • On his visit to Kansas City: "It was great. The Chiefs have a great organization and great facilities there. I got to meet everybody, spend a little time with the staff. It was a good time."
  • He said they got him up on the white board during the visit to see what he thought of their offense and how much he knew.
  • On whether he knows where he'll land: "It's tough. I ddin't really get any kind of gauge from any time from this entire process. I felt going into it someone would say something or I'd get a gut feeling someplace, but I really have no clue where I'm going to be yet."
  • On the offense that fits him best: "I played in a version of the west coast so I think that system is something I'm familiar with. Could I adjust to another system? Yes. But to help ease the transition, the familiarity with the west coast [helps]. I can throw on the run pretty well, pretty accurately. I think that adds to my game."
  • On whether he can be a franchise quarterback: "I feel like I have all the tools that are there. The intangibles as well as the tangibles. I feel like I'm that guy."
  • On which NFL player he compares himself to: "I wouldn't compare myself to one person." Talked about his athleticism, pocket presence and taking things from a lot of quarterbacks.