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2012 NFL Draft: Chiefs Have Shown Interest In Arizona LB

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Three years ago the Kansas City Chiefs picked up a little known undrafted free agent inside linebacker out of Maine, who ended up becoming a multi-year starter for the team. Jovan Belcher worked out three years ago and the Chiefs may hope to do something similar in this draft.

Arizona linebacker Paul Vassallo says the Chiefs are among a number of teams who have expressed interest in him.

"I've been hearing late rounds to free agent since the Pro Day, but I'm just keeping my expectations open," Vassallo said. "I haven't had any workouts, but my agent has spoken with like five or six teams, and I'm hearing back positive things."

Vassallo listed the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals as a few teams that have expressed interest.

As the 2012 NFL draft winds down, teams will start talking to potential undrafted free agents, hoping they sign with their team. Undrafted free agency is like college recruiting in that the player will choose where he goes.

Vassallo will join the rest of the players on our Chiefs draft interests table.