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The Chargers Really Like Alabama's Mark Barron

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The San Diego Chargers have been seeking a steady player at safety since (it seems, at least) Rodney Harrison left for New England. One player in the 2012 NFL draft, Alabama S Mark Barron, has caught their eye.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune said via Twitter that the Chargers "love" Barron and have discussed trading up for him.

The Chargers draft 18th. Barron is most often connected to the Dallas Cowboys and the 14th pick. (He actually gave a shout out to #CowboyNation on Twitter this week and then quickly deleted it because, you know, in the digital age if you just delete tweets no one ever knows about them).

If the Chargers are looking to trade up...please call my Chiefs, GM A.J. Smith. I'd love to make that trade. Moving back to 18 would be a terrific situation for the Chiefs. There are still plenty of quality players available -- maybe even the guy they currently have their eye on, whoever that is -- and you pick up an extra draft pick in the process.

Ever since the Chiefs made that trade last year, moving down a few spots and picking up the extra third round pick (Justin Houston), I'm definitely on board with them moving back in just about any scenario.