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Ryan Tannehill To Chiefs Seems To Be Losing Steam

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Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star follows the Kansas City Chiefs closer than perhaps anyone which is why plenty of eyebrows were raised a few weeks ago when he suggested the Chiefs could select Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill in the 2012 NFL draft, which starts on Thursday.

After talking to folks around the league, Teicher isn't so sure Tannehill will be the pick. Here's what Teicher said on NFL Live:

"I'm starting to get the sense that they wouldn't draft Tannehill even if he fell to them at the 11th spot. The more I talk to people, the more I hear, they seem to be settling in on one more year of Matt Cassel ... I think the Chiefs end up going elsewhere with that draft pick."

Interesting. Not a major surprise, but interesting nonetheless. Of course, the only way we'll know if the Chiefs would pass on Tannehill at 11 is if he fell to 11. Right now, that seems unlikely.

What the Chiefs should do is create the impression that they really want a quarterback so that if Tannehill falls they can entice someone to trade up with them....oh, wait. That's what they've done.

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