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NFL Offseason Rosters Go From 80 To 90 Players

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The NFL on Monday announced a few tweaks to the roster limits in the offseason. Previously the limit on players that could be on your offseason roster was set at 80 but the NFL's new rules now have that number at 90. That's 10 more players for the Chiefs (and 320 league-wide) that will have a shot at an NFL career.

Teams will start at 90 players and they'll have to move down to 75 players after the third preseason game. Before Week 1, they'll need to be down to 53 players.

The previous rules had you cutting just five players (80 to 75) after the third preseason game and then another 22 (75 to 53) after that so this evens those cut dates out a little bit.

This just means the Chiefs have more opportunities to bring in players who could potentially be a diamond in the rough. It also means they can easily bring in four quarterbacks to camp, if they want. GM Scott Pioli indicated recently that was a possibility so they should be able to do that now.

Before you ask if this matters, remember that the Chiefs have a few undrafted free agents on their roster, including one at inside linebacker.