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2012 NFL Draft: Stuck On Luke Kuechly

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The more I read things like this from NFL Network's Mike Mayock, the more I think the Kansas City Chiefs will select Boston College LB Luke Kuechly, if they stay at the 11th pick:

"He is one of the 10 best players in the draft. Historically, inside linebackers are not valued, mostly because they get replaced on sub downs in sub packages and nickel packages. He's the opposite and his strength lies in the pass game. He's the best pass-dropping inside linebacker I've ever seen in college football. He has instincts and speed. There's real value there because he's a three-down inside linebacker.''

Just seems like a Chiefs-type of pick. He offers versatility, which the Chiefs love. Kuechly would be a little like Eric Berry in which you don't really have to replace him under any circumstances. You can do a lot with your defense when you can keep the players on the field for all three downs. That's a huge advantage and it's something Kuechly would offer the Chiefs.

Personality-wise, he also seems like a Chiefs-type of pick. He's a smart player, which you need to be in Romeo Crennel's defense (and, well, any NFL defense). This is a passing league, and with Peyton Manning entering the division, Kuechly would help a lot in that regard.

The big question mark I have is why he didn't visit the Chiefs. Every first round pick under GM Scott Pioli has visited Kansas City before the Chiefs drafted him. That Kuechly didn't has me wondering what's up.

We're three days out from the NFL draft and I'd still have to say my pick for the Chiefs right now is Luke Kuechly.