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2012 NFL Draft: Weakest And Strongest Positions

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One of the main story lines in the 2012 NFL draft will be the quarterbacks selected near the top -- Stanford's Andrew Luck and Baylor's Robert Griffin III. After that, though, the talent level drops off. It's still a solid class at a number of positions, though.

ESPN's Mel Kiper listed the weakest and strongest positions in this draft:
Worst positions in the draft. TE, OT, S

There's maybe one tight end that sneaks into round one, Stanford's Coby Fleener. And Alabama's Mark Barron may be the only safety selected in round one.

What peaked my interest was Kiper saying offensive tackle is one of the worst positions. You have Matt Kalil at the top. He's the cream of the crop in this class. But after that the talent level drops off considerably. Still, though, we'll probably see a handful of offensive tackles selected in round one -- Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin and Mike Adams are possibilities.

Deepest positions - WR, OG, DT, OLB, CB

There are at least a couple of first round receivers -- Justin Blackmon is the top guy followed by Michael Floyd. Kendall Wright out of Baylor is another possibility.

Offensive guard is very strong at the top with David DeCastro. He seems like a legitimate "once-in-a-decade" type of player.

Defensive tackle and linebacker is indeed strong in this class. That's going to be the story of the first round, I think (outside of the quarterbacks, of course).

Cornerback also has a number of solid players starting with Morris Claiborne. Some are even wondering if South Carolina's Stephon Gilmore ends up being the best cornerback in this class.

Does this help or hurt the Chiefs?

The Chiefs are set at tight end so it being a weak tight end class doesn't hurt them. Same goes for safety with Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis. And the offensive tackle position depends on what they think of Branden Albert and his future.

The Chiefs can use help along the defensive line so I think it's good that it's a deep defensive tackle class. I also wonder if the Chiefs consider a cornerback because it's a good class there as well.