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2012 NFL Draft: Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill And How It Affects The Chiefs

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The Miami Dolphins apparently want Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill in the 2012 NFL draft. Pro Football Talk reported owner Stephen Ross wants Tannehill and Peter King of reported the same in MMQB on Here's what King wrote this morning:

Over the weekend, I was told the same thing that Mike Florio reported on that owner Stephen Ross wanted the Dolphins to pick Tannehill. I was also told Miami's offensive coordinator, Mike Sherman, likes his former A&M quarterback (Sherman was Tannehill's coach before getting fired after the season) but isn't standing on the table for him.

The Chiefs have some interest in this because, if Tannehill gets past Miami, then he could fall to the Chiefs at No. 11. That'd leave the Chiefs with the options of selecting Tannehill, someone else, or trading down. (My vote would be a trade down.)

That's assuming the report of the Dolphins wanting Tannehill is accurate, which we don't know.

Sunday night, respected Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero reported the Ross item is not true and said a highly placed club source told him, animatedly, that Ross hasn't told anyone who to draft. And this morning, I got a call from someone saying Florio was right on; Ross wants the quarterback. So what will happen here? I don't know. But I do think it's less of a lock Tannehill goes no lower than eight than it was a couple of weeks ago. If Miami passes on him at eight, I expect him to go either to a trade-up team with Kansas City at 11 or to Seattle at 12.

Best case scenario, in my mind, would be Tannehill falling to the Chiefs and KC trading back with another team. That's the scenario I want to see play out on Thursday.

What's your ideal Tannehill scenario?