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2012 NFL Draft: Could The Chiefs Pick A Receiver?

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The 2012 NFL draft is only days away at this point and we think we know of at least a handful of potential picks for the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 11. It's usually been a defensive guy, or perhaps an offensive lineman for the Chiefs pick.

But NFL Network's Mike Mayock raises another possibility. Here's what Mayock said about Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd, who is expected to be a first round pick.

For instance, Jacksonville at seven, I think he would make a lot of sense there, but I don't think they will pull the trigger on him because of the perceived off-the-field issues. However, once you get past Jacksonville, I would say that Miami at eight, if they don't take a quarterback, need a wide receiver very badly. The Panthers I think will take a defensive lineman but they need a wide receiver at nine. The Bills at ten need a wide receiver. I think the Chiefs and the Seahawks at 11 and 12 both need receivers and then the Jets at 16.

There aren't a ton of players that would make me legitimately mad to see the Chiefs select but a receiver would be one of them. This just doesn't make a lot of sense...unless you're concerned about the future of Dwayne Bowe, who is under the franchise tag. If the Chiefs don't think they can ink him to a longterm deal, I could see Floyd being considered. But even then it's hard to see the Chiefs going receiver -- again -- in the draft.

What do you think about KC potentially picking a receiver?