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VIDEO: KC Chiefs, BBQ And The Displaced Fan

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You learn something new everyday. I watched the latest video from BJ Kissel of, among other things, Arrowhead Pride YouTube fame and he took a visit to a restaurant in San Diego called "Kansas City Barbecue".

Yeah, Kansas City barbecue in San Diego. And it's not just barbecue -- it's a Kansas City Chiefs place, too. BJ's video includes shots of the bar that show all the Chiefs gear around the barbecue joint. Mizzou, Kansas and Kansas State fans can see their schools represented with some stuff on the wall as well.

I didn't even know this place existed. Very cool stuff. Top Gun fans should also tune in.

BJ does a good job of telling us where a displaced Chiefs fan in San Diego can go. Do any of you Chiefs fans living outside of Kansas City have a place like this? There's a bar in Philly called Big Charlie's that's similar to this.

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