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Nike's NFL Uniforms And Jerseys Unveiled Tomorrow

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Just do what?
Just do what?

As of April 1, Nike became the official apparel and equipment provider of the NFL, which means we're going to be seeing some new Kansas City Chiefs gear. Nike will have an unveiling on Tuesday night -- says they'll have coverage of it -- where we'll see some of the new stuff. Nike has all the apparel and New Era has the hats.

Some teams will be seeing uniform changes (like the Seattle Seahawks) but I imagine the KC Chiefs uniforms are going to be staying the same when they hit the field next September. We'll have some new shirts, hats and things like that, though. The Nike Dri-FIT shorts look pretty sharp.

Representatives from every NFL team will be in New York on Tuesday for the unveiling and for the Chiefs that rep will be Dwayne Bowe, where he'll be showing off the new Chiefs gear.

Check out the Chiefs Pro Shop for more of the new apparel.