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Romeo Crennel Is Not A New Head Coach

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If we did a mailbag feature this is one of the questions I'd be answering: Does Romeo Crennel count as a new head coach when determining when the Kansas City Chiefs offseason program starts?

The answer is no. Crennel is not a new head coach in the eyes of the NFL.

Teams with new head coaches can start their offseason program today while teams with returning head coaches have to wait until April 16. Crennel is not considered a new head coach so the Chiefs offseason doesn't really start until April 16.

This offseason is bigger than most realize, especially for the second year guys, something discussed on Chop Talk last night with BJ Kissel. The NFL lockout last year took away the offseason for the 2011 rookies so those guys, now entering their second season, will have their first complete offseason program. The 2011 draft class potentially has three future starters in Jonathan Baldwin, Rodney Hudson and Justin Houston, and they've never had a true NFL offseason.