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Romeo Crennel Says Nose Tackle May Not Come Until After NFL Draft

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel talked with Bob Fescoe and Bob Josh Klingler on 610 Sports yesterday morning and provided a pretty interesting answer when asked about the future of the nose tackle position.

"We signed a young kid, [Jerrell] Powe, we're gonna have to see how he's gonna do," Crennel said. "[Anthony]Toribio is still here. Amon Gordon is still here. So then we're going to look into this draft and see if there's anything there. And then there are still some free agents there. We might until after the draft to finalize that spot."

Asked if Kelly Gregg is coming back, Crennel said: "I'm not disregarding anything. I think everything is a possibility. Probably we'll go through the draft and then evaluate after that."

Crennel has said a few times, including last month in the KC Star, that the Chiefs may not address the nose tackle position until after the NFL draft.

Legit answer? Or a smokescreen?