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Chiefs 1st Round Pick Has Visited KC Every Year Under Scott Pioli

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When I was writing about Boston College LB Luke Kuechly earlier this morning, I noted that the Kansas City Chiefs, under GM Scott Pioli, usually bring in their first round pick for a pre-draft visit. Let's change that to "always".

I went back and did a little research to confirm that I wasn't speaking out of my you-know-what and, yes, the Chiefs have brought in their first round pick for a pre-draft visit in each of the three years Pioli has been running the draft.

That was the case with Tyson Jackson in 2009, with Eric Berry in 2010 and with Jonathan Baldwin in 2011. All three of those guys, first round picks by the Chiefs, visited Kansas City before they were drafted. Granted, a small sample size, but noteworthy nonetheless.

So now this: Kuechly confirmed on SiriusXM NFL Radio this afternoon that he did not visit KC (but he did visit Buffalo, who picks 10th, directly before KC). The period for pre-draft visits is over. He said he hasn't had much contact with the Chiefs outside of the Combine, which is what the (other) AP's Dave Skretta reported last week.

They don't have to visit with him to draft him, but I find this interesting.

So is the Chiefs future first round pick on this list?

2009 NFL draft - Tyson Jackson

Jackson said Denver and Atlanta were the only two teams to have him in for private workouts. He also visited Detroit, San Diego, Kansas City, St. Louis and Cleveland.

2010 NFL draft - Eric Berry

University of Tennessee top-ranked safety Eric Berry is scheduled to visit the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles, according to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation.

2011 NFL draft - Jonathan Baldwin

Baldwin says he had a feeling the Chiefs might select him. "I actually visited them," he said. "I sat down and talked a lot with coach Haley and everybody else. They liked me a lot so I was thinking I would end up there."