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Chiefs Don't Need To Bring Luke Kuechly In For A Visit To Draft Him

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I missed this but a few days ago but Dave Skretta of the other AP talked with Boston College LB Luke Kuechly, who is often sent to the Kansas City Chiefs in the various 2012 NFL mock drafts out there.

Of note is that Kuechly tells Skretta that he did not visit the Chiefs. This was a few days ago, so things can change, and maybe he ends up visiting. (It would be classic Pioli to sneak him in only a few days before the draft without anyone knowing.)

At this point, the only known contact between the KC and Kuechly is the NFL Combine.

But it brings up a larger point about the draft -- the Chiefs don't have to bring someone in for a visit to draft them. There's no reason the Chiefs can't draft Kuechly even if he doesn't come to KC, or the Chiefs don't even work him out.

I can see a scenario where the Chiefs draft someone, like Kuechly, without bringing him in for a visit. Maybe not likely, but I can see it. Think about it -- Kuechly has very few question marks. He's considered one of the most high-character guys in the draft. He's a multi-year starter so he has plenty of tape there (and they don't do physical workouts on visits, anyway). He doesn't have medical concerns. What are you going to learn in a meeting with him that you're not already sure about?

I just assume save your visits for players that come with question marks. Players who were hurt last year and you need a medical update. Players who are borderline character concerns. Players who bombed the Wonderlic or said something interesting at the Combine.

On the other hand, the Chiefs three first round picks in the last three years under GM Scott Pioli have all visited Kansas City before the Chiefs drafted them so history says Kuechly better visit KC if he wants to be the 11th pick.