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Chiefs' Eric Berry Talks About The Hit

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Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry spoke to the media on Tuesday as he continues to recover from an ACL injury suffered in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills at the hands of a hit from Stevie Johnson. There was a debate at the time as to whether the injury was dirty. Berry didn't dispel any notions that it was dirty back then and, judging by what he said to the media yesterday, he still wonders about that hit

When asked whether the hit from Johnson was a clean hit, Berry said, "You can make your own opinion on it."

So, yeah, kinda tells you what he thinks about it.

My opinion is that, if it were an illegal play, the NFL would have punished Johnson, so I'm on the side that it was a clean hit. Questionable, sure. But not illegal. I also think Berry shouldn't be so coy about the injury. With the Saints bounty investigation, bounties have taken on a whole new level of attention in the NFL.

I posted the relevant portion of Berry's Q&A after the jump, along with a video.

ADAM TEICHER (KANSAS CITY STAR): When the news about the New Orleans bounty program came out a couple months ago, you put something out on Twitter that you thought Buffalo had a bounty out on you.

BERRY: "That was pretty much a joke. A lot of people take a lot of stuff too seriously. You feel me? That was just a joke or whatever. That bounty stuff, that's whatever, whatever. I play with the Kansas City Chiefs and I know how we handle stuff here. We just play hard and we work hard. You might want to ask New Orleans about that, but I just know how we handle it over here."

TEICHER: You feel like Buffalo played clean with you? That was a clean hit?

BERRY: "It is what it is. They've got the tape out there. You can make your own opinion on it. At the end of the day, it isn't really about one play, it's about a whole team coming together for a whole common goal. Like I said, you've got the tape. You can look at the tape and make your own opinion about that."

TEICHER: I know what my own opinion is. I want yours.

BERRY: "My opinion is my opinion. People are going to take it how they want anyway. To me, that's in the past. It is what it is. I'm just happy to be back with my teammates. Just being away from the game, I think I learned a lot. Even regardless of what it looks like on film, everything happens for a reason. I did a lot of growing up off the field. Like I answered your question, I'm more hungry than ever. I'm just excited to be back to play. I'm looking forward to trying to make this run for the Super Bowl."